Atmospheric and Earth System Research with the Research Aircraft HALO                                                                                

           High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (HALO)


27 June 2019

Call for Proposals: HALO DFG SPP 1294

Within the Priority Programme "Atmospheric and Earth System Research with the High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (HALO)" (SPP 1294), proposals are called for projects (up to three years duration) starting between July 2020 and June 2021 ("HALO 2020"). Additionally, the current call also invites for the submission of proposals (also up to three years duration) starting during the next funding phase between July 2021 and June 2022 ("HALO 2021").

Proposals must be submitted to the DFG by 23 October 2019. Please consider all hints given in the text provided by DFG:

Update 26 July 2019

Call for Proposals: HALO Missions 2022–2025

The Scientific Steering Committee (WLA) of HALO calls for proposals for new HALO missions in the time period from 2022 to 2025.

The proposals should consist of a preliminary flight request form and a description of the proposed mission. The description should present the scientific rationale, objectives and a sketch of the work program on two pages. Please submit the proposals to until 2 October 2019.

The mission proposals will be presented and discussed on our mission planning workshop on 17 October 2019, 1 pm to 6 pm. The workshop will be held at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen, directly after the HALO Status Seminar (16–17 October). The applying Mission PIs, the members of the WLA and international experts will attend the workshop. Additionally, interested scientists are free to join the workshop.


26 July 2019

Call for Proposals:
Young Researcher Best HALO Publication Award 2019

Please submit proposals for the best HALO-related, peer-reviewed scientific-journal publication. The awards are addressed to young career scientists (PhD, Postdoc) who are the first author of the paper published or accepted for publication until July 2019. Each prize is endowed with 500 €. The winners will be announced during the HALO Status Seminar, 16–17 October 2019, and will have the opportunity to present their findings.

Please submit one PDF including the proposal, the respective publication and the CV (tabular form) of the endorsed candidate to until 25 August 2019.

19 June 2019

Call for Proposals: HALO Status Seminar 2019

The Status Seminar will summarize the scientific results obtained in the last three years of measurements with the research aircraft HALO. Furthermore, HALO campaigns, scheduled within the coming three years, will be introduced. Talks and posters will be presented in three sessions in English language.

Sessions:  I     Aerosols, Clouds, and Precipitation
                   II   Transport and Dynamics in the Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere, Atmospheric
                          Coupling Processes
                   III  Transport and Transformation of Chemical Composition: Multiphase and Photochemical

Abstract Submission Deadline: 25 August 2019
Please indicate whether you prefer an oral or poster presentation.

Please submit your abstracts using the template to

11 December 2018

Call for abstracts:

Proposals for the advancements of the scientific and technical infrastructure of HALO

Dear HALO community,

HALO completed the first eight years of operation with outstanding scientific results. Still, advancements of the capabilities of HALO are urgently required, in order to further develop the possibilities to perform world-class scientific investigations with HALO.

Therefore, the HALO consortium will initiate an approach to inquire additional, extensive funding to realize improvements of the scientific and technical infrastructure of HALO (e.g. combined certification of PMS-Carriers and BellyPod, Large Wing Pods, Liquid Cooling System). To prepare this initiative, you are kindly invited to submit proposals in the form of short abstracts. The projects should aim to serve a broader user community of HALO, thus being important for several instruments and/or various members of the HALO community. Furthermore, the budget of the projects should be above the expenses which can be conveniently covered by the annual budget for scientific advancements of HALO.

Please submit your abstract (100 – 300 words) summarizing your ideas to Jörg Schmidt until 28 February 2019. In May/June 2019 the HALO WLA (Scientific Steering Committee) will organize a workshop in Leipzig to discuss the submitted proposals. Based on the outcome of this workshop, the WLA of HALO will pursue the funding of advancements. In case of questions regarding this approach, please do not hesitate to contact:

Jörg Schmidt
University of Leipzig
Leipzig Institute for Meteorology (LIM)
Stephanstr. 3
04103 Leipzig
+49 341 97-36651

13 July 2018

Call for proposals for HALO DFG SPP 1294

The call for proposals within the framework of the HALO DFG SPP 1294 is now open. Here you can find all related information.

Deadline for submission: 19 October 2018

Update 19 July 2018

Call for proposals for HALO-related Summer (or Winter) School

The SPP Coordinators call for proposals to organize a Summer (or Winter) School for PhD-Students in the framework of the HALO-SPP 1294 to be performed in 2019 or 2020.

The topic should focus on airborne research with special emphasize on HALO.

The proposals should include:

• Topic, objectives
• Tentative agenda
• Lecturers
• Location
• Cost estimate

Deadline for submission of applications is 31 July 2018. Please submit your application to Anja Schwarz or Manfred Wendisch.

Decisions will be made by the HALO SPP coordinators until 30 September 2018.

Call for Proposals: Young Researcher Best HALO-Paper Award

Call for HALO related Topical Workshops

Deadline: 15 December 2017

First HALO Symposium   

Airborne Research with HALO: Achievements and Prospects

14 - 16 March 2017  | DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen

Call for Proposals

The HALO coordinators call for HALO related proposals of Topical Workshop for approved HALO missions (time period 2016-2019). Decisions will be made by the coordinators until 31 December 2016.

Please send your proposal (about one page) to Gunda Nitzsche until 31 October 2016 at the latest.

It should include: topic, objectives, tentative agenda, invited scientists, cost estimates