Atmospheric and Earth System Research with HALO

(High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft)

Scientific Journal-Publications in Review or Submitted

within the framework of the HALO DFG SPP 1294


Fiehn, A., Eckl, M., Kostinek, J., Gałkowski, M., Gerbig, C., Rothe, M., Röckmann, T., Menoud, M., Maazallahi, H., Schmidt, M., Korbeń, P., Neçki, J., Stanisavljević, M., Swolkień, J., Fix, A., and Roiger, A.: Source attribution of methane emissions from the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland, using isotopic signatures, EGUsphere [preprint], doi:10.5194/egusphere-2023-1217, 2023. (Received: 05 Jun 2023 – Discussion started: 23 Jun 2023)

Grawe, S., Jentzsch, C., Schaefer, J., Wex, H., and Stratmann, F.: Next-generation ice nucleating particle sampling on aircraft: Characterization of the High-volume flow aERosol particle filter sAmpler (HERA), Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss. [preprint], doi:10.5194/amt-2023-88, in review, 2023. (Received: 21 Apr 2023 – Discussion started: 08 May 2023)

Walbröl, A., Michaelis, J., Becker, S., Dorff, H., Gorodetskaya, I., Kirbus, B., Lauer, M., Maherndl, N., Maturilli, M., Mayer, J., Müller, H., Neggers, R. A. J., Paulus, F. M., Röttenbacher, J., Rückert, J. E., Schirmacher, I., Slättberg, N., Ehrlich, A., Wendisch, M., and Crewell, S.: Environmental conditions in the North Atlantic sector of the Arctic during the HALO–(AC)³ campaign, EGUsphere [preprint], doi:10.5194/egusphere-2023-668, 2023. (Received: 05 Apr 2023 – Discussion started: 13 Apr 2023)